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SharedSpace is a user friendly booking system that encourages efficient use and management of your space to ensure you are getting the best value for money from your estate.

The system allows services to book the correct type of space for the required amount of time and identifies availability of the desired space type and location and also offers suitable alternative options.

SharedSpace also offers booking and space utilisation analysis and works in conjunction with our own or your existing space utilisation sensors to compare bookings in relation to actual utilisation. This can help give leverage to encourage better use of space by challenging the users of the most poorly used booked sessions.

Useful Information

  • Services commissioned by NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group are reimbursed for the cost of space booked within the LIFT Health Centres.
  • Room numbers are located on the silver disks on the outside of the door.
  • You may make bookings outside the opening hours, but this will incur an additional charge for security. Our team will contact you to confirm the full booking price prior to approving your booking.
  • Once your clinic has finished you must tag and tie the clinical waste bag (if used) ready for the next clinic. The domestic staff will only remove the bag if it is tagged and tied.

What's On

Why SharedSpace?

  • Designed by a team who specialize in solving estate challenges across the UK.
  • Sets out true demand for space by reporting on utilisation of booked space. 
  • A tool to provide clear evidence in the support of strategic estates decisions.
  • A technology solution to support both agile working patterns and planned service delivery.
  • Allows individual pricing of spaces and reporting to inform a smooth invoicing process. 


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